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Return To The Heart:
The Embodied Path Yoga Retreat
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort - August 17 to 23, 2024

Through the practices of asana, meditation, and integrative restoration (Yoga Nidra), this retreat invites you to shed patterns of anxiety and separation and step into sacred connection with yourself. You will have the opportunity to nourish your body, mind and soul, and will create an inner environment where you will skillfully witness yourself and others through compassionate self-inquiry and community integration. We invite you to foster that sacred bridge to your heart and the wholeness that you already are in a beautiful setting where the jungle meets the beach, totally away from it all.

Who is this retreat for?

If you have a body that breathes you are welcome with open arms on this retreat.  It is suitable if you wish to investigate your interior world, engaging in what is called self-inquiry, and if you crave to replenish your well of curiosity and self-care.

We regularly work with students who wish to reconnect with their inner wholeness, and who are looking to carve pathways to their own inner contentment.  Linking self-inquiry with community and inner contentment is our intention.

When you cultivate sensitivity to your heart song you also build resiliency to life’s challenges and cultivate self-compassion. This is big work- even heroic- and we are here for it.

Some of the activities that we are going to explore on this retreat include:

  • Discovering and expanding the gap in between, underneath, and around thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. This practice sitting in this pause, includes meditation and deepens from there.  Becoming the agent of the acts of consciousness means taking the stance of the meditator and watching the dance of the body and mind, which can be pleasant or unpleasant.

  • We will breathe - a lot!  We will breathe for the joy of breathing, both in the asana practice and beyond the movement space. This allows us to practice yoga for the joy of practicing yoga, which feels very different from practicing yoga in order to “get somewhere.”

  • Build take-home and easy to use tools and techniques (micropractices) to remember your already present wholeness, and establish the ability to access at any time the wholeness of your heart. 

  • Build community through group work. This will include partner/ discussion work, which is interactive and community building

  • 10 comprehensive yoga flow and/or connect sessions

A day in retreat life:

Each day will start with a light breakfast (optional), followed by a long yoga session, which will include asana movement and alignment practice, meditation, Yoga Nidra, and breath work, with thoughtfully curated and sequenced intentions by your retreat leaders, day to day.  

There will be plenty of time between practices to hang out, eat nourishing food, go to the beach, rest by the pool, have some down time to journal, read, or rest in the sanctuary of retreat.  

The afternoon session will include grounding and restorative yoga practices, discussions and self-inquiry topics, community gathering, and deep relaxation meditation.

Each evening will culminate with dinner in the company of friends and fellow yogis.

The Bodhi Tree mealtimes are as follow: 

  • Breakfast is served from 7-10am.

  • Lunch is served between 12-2:30pm.

  • Dinner is served from 6:30-9pm.

Yoga Sessions with your retreat leaders:

  • Morning session: 8:30-11:30am

  • Afternoon session: 4-6pm (we will gather at 4.30pm on the day of arrival)

What to expect:

A morning asana and breathing practice where you can explore the joy of having a body that is unique to you and the subtitles of how breath and energy inform the foundation of meditation. The asana will be accessible to any body. The practice is offered in the deepest respect to each individual.

Lunch. The meals at Bodhi Tree are nutritious, beautiful, and a thing to remember! We are in for a treat!

The afternoon break will allow time for rest and solace, or adventure with trips to the beach, waterfalls, biking, surfing etc.

During the evening sessions we will gather for calming and restorative practices as well as time to be in community and authentic connection with ourselves and one another. Some of these practices include iRest Yoga Nidra, restorative yoga, yin yoga, self inquiry prompts and sharing in group.

Dinner. Even better against the backdrop of a Costa Rica nightfall! Howler monkeys overhead in the famed Guanacaste trees and a cricket chip backdrop will create the soundscape for memorable, soul-nourishing meals shared.

Be held each night, falling asleep to the sounds of the jungle and the pillowy comfort of nature centered world-class luxury. 

Morning practice- 8:30-11:30am.

30 minute meditation, 1.5hrs asana flow practice, then guided meditation (Yoga Nidra) with long Savasana.

Expect feel good hands on assists, healing reiki, and spacious savanna.


Afternoon rest and hang out.

Afternoon practice and connect session- 4-6pm.


Free time

Cynthia, Jazmin, and Dora follow the principles of non-dual Tantra, which means that the lived experience is always included in our practice, that we can turn toward our experiences, comfortable and uncomfortable, in order to digest and transmute patterns. And that we always begin with the understanding that we are already whole, divine, and full with the expression of life, the expansive and contractive energy that creates the aware universe. 

We don’t need to seek wholeness, but merely remember and reunite with the heart, which is already complete. The body is included and it is the pathway in to our inner being, our humanness, the heart.  

These three teachers, with decades of teaching and inquiry each in the fields of yoga therapy, sacred yogic literature, human anatomy and physiology and the trauma response, teach with the essential understanding of genuine non-dual Tantra: to liberate breath, movement, sincerity, and curiosity to return to the heart. 


This retreat is open to any and all people at any and all level of practice, physical fitness, or self-inquiry experience.

Rates & Accomodation

Prices below are per-person (pp) rates by room type:

Ganesh Villa

Ganesh Villa is the newest and most luxurious accommodation. It includes one king size bed, walk-in closet, ensuite bathroom with a double rain shower, full kitchen, outdoor lounge and a private pool. 

Single Occupancy: $8500 pp   |  Double Occupancy: $6500 pp

Bodhi House Double

Includes two king bedrooms, two luxurious full ensuites with walk in closets, outdoor lounge, wet bar, air conditioning, wifi and private pool. 

Double Occupancy: $4500 pp

King Bungalow

Includes one king bed, luxurious bathroom, open air shower, air conditioning, wifi and a balcony.

Single Occupancy: $4200 pp  |  Double Occupancy: $3200 pp

Treetop Queen

Includes one queen bed, luxurious bathroom, air conditioning, wifi and a shared balcony with a jungle view.

Single Occupancy: $3800 pp  |  Double Occupancy: $2700 pp

Queen Bungalow

Includes two queen beds, luxurious bathroom, open air shower, air conditioning, wifi and a balcony.

Double Occupancy: $3200 pp  |  Triple Occupancy: $2300 pp  | Quadruple Occupancy: $1800 pp

Jungle Room

Includes two queen beds, luxurious bathroom, air conditioning, wifi, open air rainfall shower and patio. 

Double Occupancy: $2800 pp  |  Triple Occupancy: $2100 pp | Quadruple Occupancy: $1600 pp

Please register early for the best chance to secure your preferred accommodation. 

** For double, triple, and quadruple occupancies, you will be responsible to organize the correct number of people to fill the respective rooms. For example, for a quadruple room, you will need to organize three other participants to share with you. To secure the room, payment must be made in full. In the case of a quadruple occupancy, it would be the ticket price x 4. Rooms are not secured until full payment is made.

** Due to the bed configurations of the resort, triple, quadruple and certain double occupancy are shared bed options. If you do not wish to share a bed, please opt for single occupancy options or the double occupancy options of Bodhi House Double, Queen Bungalow or Jungle Room. 

Please email with any pre-retreat questions.



Register by clicking the button below. If you will be sharing a room, please ensure you have organized your group of roommates. We will be asking for your roommate information during registration. For double, triple, and quadruple occupancies, you will be responsible for organizing the correct number of people to fill the respective rooms. Payment must be made in full to secure the room. For example, in the case of a quadruple occupancy, full payment of the room would be the listed ticket price x 4. Rooms are not secured until full payment is made.

Once we receive your registration, we will respond by email to confirm the availability of your selected room and payment details.

Cancellations must be received in writing by e-mail to For cancellations received before June 1, 2024, you will receive a refund of any monies paid less a $500 non-refundable deposit per person. For cancellations received after June 1 and before July 1, 2024, you will receive 50% of any monies paid less a $500 non-refundable deposit per person. No refunds or credits at all will be given for cancellations for any reasons ON or AFTER July 1, 2024.

Trip Insurance: The Embodied Path Yoga reserves the right to cancel this retreat at any time due to natural disasters, global pandemics, global travel restrictions, world or political events, or for any reason whatsoever at our sole discretion. Comprehensive travel insurance is strongly advised to cover any eventualities that lead to trip cancellations by us, or by yourself for personal reasons relating to illness, deaths, global emergencies, family emergencies or business matters, or for any other reasons. A site that offers competitive insurance is World Nomads.


I’ve had the opportunity to learn and practice alongside Cynthia, Jazmin and Dora in their 300 hour teacher training program. I can wholeheartedly say that their teaching has helped move me further along on my own personal spiritual and wellness journey and is preparing me to support others on theirs. They have structured a beautifully complementary and layered series of instructions that share the same philosophical tradition and underpinnings, yet each brings a special voice and lived experience to the overall practice of yoga and meditation as a way to be in one’s body and the world. Though they each refract a different angle of the beautiful prism that is tantric yoga, their slightly different perspectives help reinforce learning styles. Their individual emphases of trauma informed, tantric scripture, precision in posture all serve to weave together a gorgeous blanket within which a student can find healing, comfort and love. Their passion for their craft shines through the intentionality of their programming and I’m thrilled they’re continuing to build this multifaceted yet deeply integrated way. I’ve also witnessed what I’d term a master class in discussion of differences of opinion between them, and the space they each create for advancing their own and their students’ learnings about how to walk the practice of tantric yoga in everyday life beyond the mat.

- Renske L

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