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Embodied Self-Inquiry 
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The Embodied Path Yoga Retreat

Join us in Costa Rica in August 17th-23rd, 2024! During this six night gathering, where lush jungle meets warm-water and pristine beach, we will offer daily yoga, meditation, breathwork, and an expertly curated retreat experience. There will be fantastic food, breathtaking surroundings, a wonderful community of unique individuals, time and space for inner reflection and deep retreat, and plenty of time to connect and relax into the natual beauty that is Nosara, Costa Rica.


About The Embodied Path Yoga

At The Embodied Path Yoga we turn toward the inherent intelligence of the body.  We offer yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats to create space for community, dedicated  practice, self-inquiry, deep inner resource and equanimity.


To address all of the layers of the body and self, we aim to build containers for our healing in community, develop the discipline that comes with focused curiosity and practice, (re)turn inward through self-inquiry, and find the inner contentment that is our birthright. We start by recognizing that we are already whole, and from this perspective we investigate the embodied experience to realize or remember, layer by layer, that already present wholeness.  


We draw from yoga, breath, yoga therapy, trauma informed practices, physiology, non-dual Tantra (The Recognition School), self-Inquiry, restorative practices, Yoga Nidra and life itself.  We address the physical body, emotional body, and subtle body with equal care and agency.  We are honored to walk this path with you!


I’ve had the opportunity to learn and practice alongside Cynthia, Jazmin and Dora in their 300 hour teacher training program. I can wholeheartedly say that their teaching has helped move me further along on my own personal spiritual and wellness journey and is preparing me to support others on theirs. They have structured a beautifully complementary and layered series of instructions that share the same philosophical tradition and underpinnings, yet each brings a special voice and lived experience to the overall practice of yoga and meditation as a way to be in one’s body and the world. Though they each refract a different angle of the beautiful prism that is tantric yoga, their slightly different perspectives help reinforce learning styles. Their individual emphases of trauma informed, tantric scripture, precision in posture all serve to weave together a gorgeous blanket within which a student can find healing, comfort and love. Their passion for their craft shines through the intentionality of their programming and I’m thrilled they’re continuing to build this multifaceted yet deeply integrated way. I’ve also witnessed what I’d term a master class in discussion of differences of opinion between them, and the space they each create for advancing their own and their students’ learnings about how to walk the practice of tantric yoga in everyday life beyond the mat.

- Renske L

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