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300-hr Teacher Training

In a 300 hour Teacher Training you will dive deep into two or three topics from the sister sciences of yoga and Tantra to gain real inner knowledge in the field of yoga.  By the time you finish a 200 hour teacher training you realize that learning on these topics is endless and you have barely scratched the surface! 

A 300 hr TT begins to really dig deep and tailor your interests.  It gives you the real tools to understand some of the extraordinarily beautiful topics that you love most. Here at the Embodied Path we focus on the importance of being a human in process: what it is to be embodied, what the trauma response looks like and how to methodically look at that, and how the subtle or energetic body weaves into our habits, patterns, and activations.  Tantra is the sacred science of seeing life as the divine returning to itself, making use of life as "the city in the mirror," which means that all of our relationships and reactions are reflections that reveal our own inner patterns. Tantra offers the antidote to let-it-go spirituality by doing the exact opposite: turning towards. The trauma response is how the reflection in the mirror catches our attention.  It is the wisdom of the deep heart to unpack our stories, to understand mind and body, and to find integration on all of our layers.  The breath and the body dance the dance of unwinding our habits and patterns so that we can return to the wholeness of the heart, which is and always has been complete.

In this advanced training we will:

  • Dive in to a very deep look at asana

  • Create mentorship relationships, do dedicated practice teaching, and build your own voice as a teacher

  • Create a business model or service offering through your mentorship relationship to determine exactly how you will bring your unique gifts to the wider community

  • Learn the business of teaching private yoga and building an inspired brand for yourself

  • Look at extraordinary and largely unknown sacred texts from Tantra that offer wild lessons on non-duality, spiritual crisis, and radical awakening inclusive of life, or what we call the enlightenment of cleaning out the junk drawer.  Some of these texts are: Vasistha's Yoga, the Ashtavakra Gita, the Recognition Sutras (Pratyabhijna Hrdayam), and Utpaladeva's Sivastotravali

  • iRest Yoga Nidra: the only peer-reviewed and studied system to manage the trauma response, PTSD, and the nervous system

  • The hydraulic body: anatomy, subtle body, the Bandhas, and breath

  • And much more!  This is a truly special group of students wishing to go deeper, perhaps even to the heart of being


Five months provides time to deepen in the foundations you have already been exposed to and to unpack more subtle aspects of the practice and teaching.


January 24 to June 8, 2025 



FRIDAY - 6:45 - 9:15 pm

SATURDAY - 7 - 8:45 am & 12:30 - 5:30 pm 

SUNDAY 7 - 9:15 am & 12:30 - 5.30 pm


TUESDAY - 6:15-8:45 pm

Interested in learning more?

Join our waiting list and we will let you know when registration opens!


About Your Teachers

You are in good hands as you deepen your yoga journey!

Dora's passion for trauma informed practices, physiology, the nervous system weave into her skillful and Tantra-based approach to self-inquiry and holistic stress management. She is a former medical researcher turned holistic stress & resilience coach, trained in Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, Integrative Restoration Meditation (iRest), Reiki and Yoga Therapy.  Her lineage is Richard Miller, phD, and his teachers (Jean Klein and Ramana Maharshi).

Cynthia is a devotee of the divine feminine.  Her 25 year passion for sacred texts, the science of the energy body, non-dual inquiry, yoga, the Goddess shows in her approach to teaching asana, philosophy, Yoga Therapy, Tantra, and the breath.  With her you will look at known and unknown texts and the beloved systems of the energetic body, like the chakras, delivered with historical accuracy, clarity, and correct application.  Her lineage goes through Sally Kempton, Bonnie Greenwell, Rupert Spira (Jean Klein and Ramana Maharshi) and other Shakta traditions. 

Jazmin's classes inspire strength, flexibility, inquiry, laughter, and ease. Balanced between alignment and flow, insight and curiosity, Jazmin’s thoughtfully sequenced classes are a vessel to explore inner peace, deep listening, compassion, and, ultimately, love. Her main teachers are Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee (BKS Iyengar).

Learn more about each of us here.

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